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Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate OEM Business & Manufacturing Factory
chromium carbide wear plate Made With Vautid Wires

Founded in 2007, Zhangjiagang YaoYu produce a full range of chromium carbide hardfaced plate through open arc welding process and was certificated by ISO 9001:2008. We set up a joint venture company VAUTID & YAOYU (Zhangjiagang) with Germany Vautid to fabricate welding wires in 2014,all our technique for manufacturing flux cored wires is adopted from Germany Vautid GmbH. We help customers from Cement Industry,Power Stations,Iron & Steel Industry,Mining & Materials Industry,Sand & Gravel Industry to protect their equipment from abrasive wear to improve their productivity.

In same working applications, chromium carbide wear plate made with VAUTID welding wire can work much better than common wear plate with it’s excellent wear resistance and long service lifetime, help you
>> Reduce Maintenance Cost
>> Reduce Shut Down Time
>> Improve Productivity
>> Save Operation Cost
YaoYu Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate Fighting Wear