Wear kits for mining and earthmoving applications against wear problems
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We provide wear kits and wear liners for mining and earthmoving applications against wear problems, typically liners for bucket, grader and dozer blades, truck dumper, conveyor, chute and hopper etc. Lots of bucket and chutes are being repaired and lined with Vautid 100 chromium carbide plate in the high abrasion areas.We have seen massive increase in the life of the chutes that have YaoYu wear liners installed.

Chromium carbide plate to be rolled with the hardfacing overlay inside or outside as per the drawings. Contact YaoYu for a quote to start improving overall equipment performance right now !

When you need long-lasting solutions that can offset costly shutdowns and production loss, think of YaoYu VAUTID chromium carbide plate:
· Customized wear parts as per your drawings
· Extended wear life
· Easy installation and maintenance

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